Vanessa Marano – Age, Height, Hot Photos of Actress

Vanessa Marano is a very young and charming American actress, who played many well-known roles and gained the popularity among viewers.

Vanessa Marano height: 5 ft 3 in (1.61 m),
Measurements: waist – 59cm, hips – 87cm.
Her age is 24 years old.

The Biography

The celebrity was born in Los-Angeles on 31st of October, 1992.
Her mother Ellin runs a children theatre. The future star’s father is Italian, so Marano freely speaks English and Spanish too.
The little girl has a younger sister Laura, who has also became an actress. She played episodic roles in the TV-series “Ghost Whisperer,” “Dexter” and others. Vanessa and Laura played together in some projects.

Vanessa Marano photo

Vanessa Marano’s Acting Career

The future star began her career very early: Vanessa first appeared on screen in two years. She cast a commercial. Her first work on camera was very successful and her parents decided to develop their daughter’s talent. All the years of her childhood, her mother taught her acting skills. She gave her the lessons of theatre aces, as for cinema, the girl could apply there her previous knowledge too. In seven years the young actress began playing on the stage of Agoura Hills children theatre, which is run by her mother.

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In the 2000s, the actress began feature episodes of popular TV series.
Her most notable roles on television were playing Hannah Malone in the TV series “Without a Trace” and a character of Francesca in the comedy “The Comeback”.
However, many viewers know the American theatre and cinema actress for her role as Bay Kennish in the TV-series for youth “Switched at Birth”. She played a leading role. The project turned to be very successful and won the number of awards.
She has also appeared in episodes of “Dexter,” “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Six feet Under”.

Vanessa Marano American actress photo

Vanessa Marano’s Private Life

The actress keeps her private life in a great secret. No one knows about Vanessa Marano boyfriend. It is rather strange for the cinema world, but all the same – no news at all.

Some Interesting Facts from the Actress Life

Vanessa may seem tall from the screen, thought it is not true. The star’s height is just 161 cm.

Vanessa Marano young actress photo

Vanessa Marano Photos

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Vanessa Marano American actress beautiful photo

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Vanessa Marano American actress picture

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Vanessa Marano actress picture

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