Tori Praver – Biography, Private Life, Photos of American Model

Tori Praver is an extremely attracting American model and designer of fashionable swimsuits. Critics call this woman blond bikini goddess with blue eyes.

The Biography

The model was born on the 4th of June, 1986. The girl spent her childhood at the seaside. Her parents decided to move to Hawaii when the girl was still a baby. She had a happy childhood. She used to surf, swim and stroll beaches with friends.
But nothing can last forever and this way of life spending was stopped when the girl was 13. At this age she lost her brother who died. She grew up in mind very quick after this sad event.
The girl differed from her mates with height and slim figure, but she had no intention to become a model. But her destiny was turned upside down in a supermarket, where she was noticed by a modeling agent. At that time she was 13 only.

Tori Praver photo

Tori Praver ’s Modeling Career

Beaing a teenager Tori managed to be shot for different brands. The shooting were rather successful and gave confidence to the girl, who began forgetting about her false insecurities.
In 2006 she became an official face of a famous brand – Guess.
In 18 the future supermodel went to NY city to search for better chances to arrange her career.
In 2007 Tori Praver was offered a shooting for Sport Illustrated. She agreed without thinking for a cover in this journal gives a model new ways for career developing and increase popularity. A year later she did one more photo session for the journal.

Tori Praver model of Sport Illustrated picture

Tori Praver ’s Private Life

In 2013 the model got married to Danny Fuller. This guy is a professional surfer. The couple had long-termed relationships before taking a serious decision to create a family.
Some time later she gave birth to a daughter Ryan. The woman adores her kid and shows her love in every possible manner.

Tori Praver American model photo

Some Interesting Facts About the Model

The model is 180 cm height. The young woman has a tattoo on her ribcage where written in Sanskrit “If not now, when?”. This is the lifetime motto of a model.
When the girl was small she dreamed to became a whale trainer.

Tori Praver model of Sport Illustrated photo

Tori Praver ’s Photos, Pic, Wallpapers

Tori Praver picture

Tori Praver American model picture

Tori Praver beautiful American model photo

Tori Praver beautiful American girl photo

Tori Praver beautiful American model Guess photo

Tori Praver sexy American model photo

Tori Praver sexy American model wallpaper

American model Tori Praver photo

Tori Praver hottest American model photo

Tori Praver American model wallpaper

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