Robyn Lawley: Biography, Private Life, Photos of Australian Model

Robyn Lawley is an Australian “Cinderella”, who developed her sparkling modeling career from the very aces.

The Biography

The future star of runways was born on 13th of June, 1989. The girl lived in Sidney until she started her career. She lived in western suburbs, if to be more exact.
Her parents brought up two more children except the future model. It were two girls, elder sisters.
The girl didn’t dream about modeling career.

robyn lawley lingerie photo

Robyn Lawley ’s Modeling Career

The independent girl decided to try her in a modeling business at 15. She signed her first contract with a famous brand H&M. This work may seem her as a game, after she decorated the cover of Elle France. The model got real popularity after this photo session.
More famous brands began offering her contracts and she chosen the most famous only. Her own popularity grew and magazines and journals wanted to shot her for their covers and pages too. We talk now about Cosmopolitan, Vogue Australia and Italia.
As time went by, the model gained weight and began working as a model of plus-size. This sphere brought her a real glory all over the world. People began voting for her person during Full Figured Fashion Week. As a result, Robyn became a title holder of the Model of the Year.
In 2013 the young woman wrote a book about figure modeling and a cooking book of her own. These books were published in 2015.
Later on, Lawley was the first in plus-size section who decorated Sports Illustrated SI.

Robyn Lawley photo

Robyn Lawley ’s Private Life

Robyn is one more model who doesn’t pay attention to her partner well-being and chooses boyfriends by heart. Her sweetheart, Everest Schmidt, is a usual lawyer. The couple didn’t registered their relationships officially but they have a common daughter, Ripley, who was born in 2015.

Some Interesting Facts About the Model

The model is very tall, her height is 188 cm. As for Robyn Lawley’s measurement, it is 91-74-100 cm.
In spite of the fact that model doesn’t eat much and always keep diets, Robyn likes cooking very much.

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Robyn Lawley ’s Photos, Pic, Wallpapers

Robyn Lawley Bikini Plus Size photo

Robyn Lawley Australian model photo

Robyn Lawley Australian Cinderella photo

Robyn Lawley Australian model plus size photo

robyn lawley 2016 photo sports illustrated

Robyn Lawley Australian girl plus size photo

Robyn Lawley plus size model photo

Robyn Lawley beautiful Australian model photo

Robyn Lawley Sports Illustrated Swimsuit picture

Robyn Lawley wallpaper

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