Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri – American Beautiful Woman

Nina Davuluri is a young and very perspective American lawyer, who took the first place in Miss America contest in 2014.

The Biography

Nina Davuluri’s date of birth is 20th of April, 1989. Her family came in America from India and has Telugu roots. She was brought up in pair with her sister, Meena. The future celebrity’s mother named Sheela Davuluri worked as an IT-specialist, and her father is a gynecology hospital employee. When Nina was just two weeks old, she was left in India where her grandmother took care of her bringing up. Her parents returned to take their daughter in America only at the age of 2,5. As soon as the girl grew up, she entered the High School in St. Joseph. Alongside with her studies she took the lessons of Indian dances. Bullet was also the girl’s hobby.

Nina Davuluri photo

The Way to Miss America 2014

It was her sister who put the beginning of Nina’s way to Miss America 2014. Meena took part in the St. Joseph, Michigan beauty pageant and won the title of the most beautiful girl of the city. Nina was eager to take part in the competition too but she had not age enough for the contest. She didn’t disappointed and applied for competing in Miss Michigan’s Outstanding Teen-2006. She did it not in vein for she managed to sidestep all other rivals. Her money prize was equal to 25,000 USA dollars. These money was enough for her to complete her higher education. In 2012 Nina came back to the scene. She took part in Miss New York contest. She obtained the second place in the pageant. In 2013 Nina Davuluri became a titleholder of Miss Syracuse and Miss New York.

Nina Dovuluri Miss America 2014 photo

Winning Miss America 2014 pageant

Nina became a Miss America 2014 titleholderon 15th of September, 2013. It was the 87th contest. The special feature that differentiated Nina from other runners-up was her Indian dance. It was so vivid and fierily that judges gave her the first place without hesitations.

Some Interesting Facts about Nina Davuluri’s Life

When Nina was a teenager, she has a loose weight. She struggled with bulimia and managed to lose 24 kilos.

Miss America 2014 Nina Dovuluri photo

Nina Davuluri Photos

Nina Dovuluri Miss America 2014 picture

Miss America 2014 photo

Nina Dowluri picture

Nina Davuluri winner Miss America 2014 photo

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Nina Dovuluri beauty qween photo

Nina Dovuluri 2014 photo

Nina Davuluri Miss America 2014 photo

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