Minka Kelly: Height, Age, Boyfriend, Photos of Actress

Minka Kelly is an extremely elegant American actress, whose future career cinema critics consider to be sparkling.

The Biography

The birth date of charming young woman is 24th of June, 1980. The baby girl was a single child in the family. As for her parents, they were celebrities too. Her father, Rick Dufay, is a guitarist in the famous band Aerosmith. The mother of the girl danced in Las Vegas. Her name is Maureen Kelly. The future actress childhood was not smooth, but rather hard. The girl was very depressed by her father loosing off the family. Being a teenager, the girl interrupted her relationships with father. By the age of seventeen, Kelly had tried to reconcile with Rick.
Her grandfather was a star too. It is an actor Richard Ney. Minka has new Zealand, Irish, and French roots.

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Minka Kelly’s Acting Career

At first, the girl dreamed about medicine profession. She even entered the University and began attending a nursery courses. Though her father insisted the young lady began studying acting. The initial very lessons of acting changed the girl’s opinion and she preferred acting to nursery.
Minka Kelly moved towards actor’s top by little steps. She played cameo roles in TV-series and pictures on the initial stage of her career.
In 2006 the actress got the role in the picture “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”. This was her first successful role after which the film directors noticed her and began offering secondary roles.
The same year the beautiful woman received the role in a TV-series “Friday Night Lights”. The shooting lasted three years. The role was taken warmly by viewers and cinema critics. NYTimes even called her role “heartbreaking”.

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Minka Kelly Boyfriend

In 2008 the actress had a love affair with a baseball player Derek Jeter. Three years later the relationships were over.
In 2012 she acquainted with a charming American actor Chris Evans. In 2007 they have already tried to live together but the attempt failed. The failure repeated in 2013. Now the actress is single.

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