Lindsay Ellingson: Height, Measurements, Photos of Model

Lindsay Ellingson is a bright and talented American model, who managed to make her child dream come true, and became popular and demanded. She is famous for taking part in the Victoria’s Secret Show.

The Biography

The date of birth of a future celebrity is 19th of November, 1984. She was not the only child in her family. She has two elder sisters, so her mother devoted herself to bringing up the girls.

Lindsay Ellingson photo

The little baby differed with her beauty since cradle but she didn’t pay attention to this fact. She knew that she would became a model. She decided to start her self-development and began attending dancing lessons. She gained good results in this sphere and won three prizes on competitions.
The girl finished the school and was going to send her photos to modeling agencies, but her parents insisted that she continue the education. So, the teenager entered the biological faculty of Californian University. Soon she forgot about the career of model, but her destiny found her there. One splendid morning Lindsay Ellingson was strolling the street when a model agency’s employees came up to her and offered her to a photo session in one famous agency. The girl agreed immediately. That was the way her career began.

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Lindsay Ellingson ’s Model Career

The young woman moved in the capital of haut couture and met John Galliano. The famous man liked the girl at first glance and hired her in his agency. Lindsay took part in her first fashion show and did everything perfect as though she was modeling for dozens of years. She was noticed by all popular designer and critics. All of them appreciated her very much.
In 2005 the model was shot for the cover of Vogue.
In 2007 she enlarged the number of Victoria’s Secrets angels.

Lindsay Ellingson American fashion model photo

Lindsay Ellingson ’s Private Life

In 2014 the model got married with Sean Clayton. She became one more model that doesn’t look for the partner’s wealth and prosperity. She appreciates the sincere feelings and intelligence. Her spouse works as a provider of medicine equipment.

Some Interesting Facts About the Model

Lindsay has minimal for models height – it is 180 cm. Her measurements are 84-61-86. She has a typical Scandinavian look: blue eyes with fair hair. Her weight is 60 kg.

Lindsay Ellingson American model photo

Lindsay Ellingson ’s Pic, Photos, Wallpapers

Lindsay Ellingson beautiful American model photo

Lindsay Ellingson beautiful American girl photo

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Lindsay Ellingson Victorias Secret Photoshoot

Lindsay Ellingson Victoria's Secret Angel photo

Lindsay Ellingson Angel Victoria's Secret photo

Lindsay Ellingson beautiful American model wallpaper

Lindsay Ellingson model wallpaper

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