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Krysten Ritter is an extra charming American actress and model, who featured either cinema or theatre performances with equal success.

Krysten Ritter height: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm),
Measurements (inch) bust – 33 (84cm), waist – 23 (59cm), hips – 35 (89cm).
Her age is 34 years old.

The Biography

The celebrity was born on 16th of December, 1981.
Krysten Ritter ’s native place is Bloomsburg. The actress’ father always lived in Benton, so the young woman has no a hint of relation to the actor John Ritter.

Krysten Ritter photo

Acting Career of Krysten Ritter

The girl started working as a model very early. She was just 15. She applied her curricum vitae for the magazine called Philadelphia Style where has described herself as an ” awkward, clumsy, tall and very skinny” girl.
In 18 Ritter moved to NY city in order to continue a sparkling modeling career. She appearing in catalogues, advertisements of local stores, Milan’s, Paris’s and Tokyo’s boutiques. Ritter has been worked as a model for five years. Once she had even shot for Dr Pepper commercial.
In 2006 the model was invited to play a role in a theatre performance “All This Intimacy”. Than she played two acts in a Broadway theater and in a Second Stage.

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2008 turned to be the year of her acting career starting. She got an episodic role in a “What Happens in Vegas”, a romantic comedy. Besides, she cast the film “27 Dresses”, which turned to be very successful too.
The next year brought her a secondary role in a cinema picture “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. She played there the role of close friend of a main heroine. The film director liked her in such role very much and offered her an analogical role in “Too Cool for You”, where she had also played a very close friend of main character.

Krysten Ritter American actress photo

Later on, Krysten played the older sister of Lily Rhodes named Carol Rhodes (Van der Woodsen in future), in a TV-series for youth.
In the “Breaking Bad”, the 2nd season, the actress expressed the character of Jane Margulis.
In 2010, the young woman starred in TV-series “Gravity“, where she played Lily. The same year the ex-model received her first leading role in the picture “Vampire”. The film was launched on screens in 2011. It was quite successful and film directors invited her to play a leading role once again in a sitcom “Don’t trust C- from Apartment 23” in 2012. Unfortunately, the show was closed after two seasons.

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Krysten Ritter ’s Private Life

Since 2011 the woman has a hot love affair with an actor Bryan Geraghty. The couple is quite happy and aren’t going to break up.

Krysten Ritter ’s Pictures

Krysten Ritter beautiful American actress photo

Krysten Ritter beautiful actress photo

Krysten Ritter actress photo

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Krysten Ritter hot sexy actress photo

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Krysten Ritter hot sexy photo

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