Kristina Pimenova – Height, Age, Parents of Young Model

Kristina Pimenova is the youngest model in the fashion world. She is considered to be the most beautiful girl of the 21st century. Many critics call her measurements, face features and eyes perfect.

The Biography

The future successful model date of birth is 27th of December, 2005. The baby was born in France. A year after her birth her parents moved into Moscow.
Her parents brought up one more girl except for Kristina. Her elder sister Natalia lives in France now.

Kristina Pimenova photo

Kristina Pimenova’s Model Career

It was Kristina’s mother who started her daughter’s model career. The girl was just three years old, when her mother bought a professional photo session for her baby. Than she sent files to a famous modeling agency called “President Kids”. However, the decision to send test photos to the agency was not unreasonable. Christina loved to pose for the cameras from the cradle. The girl stood still and waited to hear the shutter clicks of the camera, and then continued their fun and games. So, mom and dad decided to develop this talent.

Kristina Pimenova picture

Today the baby is called the most promising and popular model of the world. She has a European appearance: huge grey-blue eyes, long brown hair. Kristina Pimenova has already extensive experience in the modeling business not only in Russia but also abroad. Christina is now works with famous fashion houses as like Burberry, Prada and Silvian Heach. She has managed to cast more than fifteen commercials and become the face of the brand Kinder in Russia.
The girl’s photo book contains pictures shot for such famous brands, as Belle e Giocoso, Zhanna Romashka and Pitti Bimbo.

Kristina Pimenova youngest model photo

Kristina Pimenova Parents

The famous model’s father – Ruslan Pimenov is a football player. He played for Minsk “Dynamo”, and then for Moscow “Locomotive” and now he presents Russian national team.
As for her mother, Glyceria, many people thought that she was a model earlier thanks for her perfect, slim figure and beautiful face. But this is not true. Glyceria assists her daughter in all trips and shows. She devoted her life to her daughter’s career. She keeps all Christina’s contracts on track.

Kristina Pimenova Russian model photo

Kristina Pimenova Photos

Kristina Pimenova model child photo

Kristina Pimenova beautiful model photo

Kristina Pimenova beautiful girl photo

Kristina Pimenova Russian model photo

Kristina Pimenova nice top-model photo

Kristina Pimenova beautiful top-model photo

Kristina Pimenova beautiful face photo

Kristina Pimenova cover magazin photo

Kristina Pimenova photo

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