Eiza Gonzalez – Height, Measurements, Photos of Mexican Actress

Eiza Gonzalez is a famous Mexican celebrity, who sings and acts. This young lady quickly gained popularity and success.

Eiza Gonzalez height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m),
Measurements: waist – 64cm, hips – 76cm.
Her age is 26 years old.

The Biography

The future actress date of birth is 30th of January 1990. Her mother is a popular ex-model, whose name is Glenda Reyna. As for her father, Carlos, he died on spot in a motorcycle crash accident when the girl was 12 years old. Eiza has an older brother.
In 2003-2006 she attended various acting and theatre courses. She finished one American academy. At the age of 14, the girl began attending courses of famous Mexican acting school.
In 2008 the future celebrity attended Lee Strasberg actors studio in New York.

Eiza Gonzalez photo

Eiza Gonzalez’ Acting Career

The acting career of Eiza Gonzalez started in 2007. She featured TV series “Lola: Érase una vez”. Ina 2007-2008 she starred in a commercials of Always and Avon.
The actress frequently appeared on the covers of Mexican versions of magazines Glamour and Cosmopolitan.
In 2008 the young lady won the award of the Best Actress TVy Novelas opening”.
In early 2012, Gonzalez gained a leading role in Alejandro Sugich’s drama, called “Casi 30”. The shooting of the film took place in Sonora and Mexico cities. Gonzalez had to express Christina. It is a 18-year-old student fell in love with Emilio, the main male character of the film. It was the first full-length picture of Gonzalez in movies. In 2013 the film was shown for the first time at several film festivals in Mexico. Critics and audiences warmly evaluated the film and the success of the actress was established in greater degree.

Eiza Gonzalez picture

In 2014 she featured in a popular TV series, called “From Dusk Till Dawn”.
In 2015 the Mexican celebrity featured the film “Baby driver”. The film is now in process only and the viewers will able to watch it in 2017.

Eiza Gonzalez’ Private Life

From 2011 to 2013, the actress had a love affair with a Mexican businessman Pepe Diaz. She was also noticed dating with actors Sebastian Rulli and Liam Hemsworth. At this moment Eiza has a very close relationships with her colleague on the film “From Dusk Till Dawn”, whose name is Dee Jay Cotronei.

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