American woman, like those of other nationalities have certain common character and appearance traits that are typical particularly to women of American nationality. As a result of numerous researches based on certain experiences and observations, we can differentiate as positive so negative traits. Some of them attract people from as US so other countries, whilst others simply repel. To be frank, let us discuss both positive and negative features of American women.

Negative Character Traits Of American Women

As a rule a woman does not see a negative characteristic trait in another personality of her kind. And if a woman can distinguish a certain negative feature in her or another woman she would not like to make a fuss about it. Meanwhile men gladly share with their complaints about American women’s bad sides. Here are the main negative features American men would like to change in their women:

  • 1. Passion towards food
    A typical American woman is fat. Surely there are amazing exceptions who consider well what food to eat and what is more important how much of it. Yet, the vast majority of women in the States boast of eating anything they wish and being proud of their “natural” look.
  • 2. Bad attitude
    The greatest part of American women are angry most of the time. They are impatient, confrontational, demanding – to say in one word they act like “bitches”.
    Perhaps the reason for this rude attitude towards society and especially men is their fear of appearing weak if they behave nice. These women prefer to look strong and challenging.
  • 3. Immaturity
    Immaturity is another feature characterizing American women according to the country’s male population. Men complain that these women behave childishly, irresponsibly and revoltingly. American women love to curse (even to their own children) and use slang in their everyday speeches.
  • 4. Hatred towards men

American women are world known feminists. These women not only don’t need men, but express certain low attitude spiced with “hatred” towards American men. They rarely express any admiration toward their men or phrase them. Most often one can hear complaints and criticism from them.

Positive Character Traits Of Native American Women

There are two sides to every coin! Native American women can also be very nice if they want. Let us discuss a couple of positive features these women do really posses.

  • 1. Beautiful traits
    Most American women are really beautiful with light colored hair and eyes. Those living by beech side also have “appetizing” suntan that can draw plenty of men crazy. Those women who care for their health and body look more than beautiful – they are gorgeous!
  • 2. Self confidence
    Self confidence is another positive trait of American women. These women know what they want and are confident in their strength. As the greatest part of American men spend their time, energy and salaries on anything except for their wives, these women have got used to leaning on exceptionally themselves.