Brooklyn Decker – Biography, Career, Photos

Brooklyn Decker is a charming American top-model and actress, who is famous for appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated 2010 and in special versions of the journal.

Brooklyn Decker’s Biography

The future celebrity was born on 12 of April, 1987. Her family was not rich. Father worked as a salesman in the sphere of cars. The mother was just a nurse. So, the girl couldn’t even dream about the career of supermodel. Besides, she didn’t differ in school from her mates.

Brooklyn Decker wallpaper photo

The Modeling Career

At the age of 15, the young lady walked through the doorway of a modeling agency for the first time. It was Evolution Models.
In 2002 the model took part in a fashion show of a famous designer Mauri Simone. Right after the show the model was offered to work in different projects.
Her career developed very much within just a year. And in the end of the year she won the title of the “Best Model of the Year”.
This caused taking part in an annual Victoria’s Secrets Show.
Brooklyn Decker was confessed an official face of Sports Illustrated because all editors were charmed by her shapes and slim figure with fluffy breasts.

Brooklyn Decker beautiful picture

The Acting Career

In 2006 the young woman got into television. She featured in the TV-series “Ugly Betty” during four years until she was noticed and invited to cast the picture “Just Go With It”. She obtained there a secondary role. The picture was so box-successful that the model gathered a new army of fans.
In 2012 she got an invitation to star the film “Battleship”. This picture had a tremendous budget and was full of cinema stars. Thank to this film the actress managed to get the leading role in a film “Stretch”.

Brooklyn Decker American actress photo

Brooklyn Decker Husband

In 2009 the famous actress and model got married to a tennis player Andy Roddick. Their love affair began two years before the marriage.
Now the couple is still happy and bring up their son, named Hank.

Some Interesting Facts About the Model

The popular model has a splendid body. Her measurements are 92-62-89. Her height is 175 cm and weight is 55 kg.

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Brooklyn Decker Photos

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Brooklyn Decker American top-model photo

Brooklyn Decker beautiful American model photo

Brooklyn Decker beautiful American girl photo

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Brooklyn Decker American top-model picture

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